August 2, 2023

Community Journal: Six Line Sessions

The Community Journal serves as a reminder that you are not alone by amplifying human experiences. Six Line Sessions are weekly prompts designed for quick reflection.

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What has the first half of this year taught you?

I’ve learned to walk to the beat of my own drum, unapologetically. And that is the result of hard, vulnerable, beautiful inner work that I’ve put in for myself and no one else. I’ve also learned that wanting to always see the best in people can be a gift; it can also be a boundary that needs to be set, reset, and evolved. (E. Kyung)

The first half of the year has taught me that if I want shit to shake for me then I have to apply pressure to myself. I learned that without boundaries people will drain the energy out of you until your cup is empty. My cup is only flowing for me and my needs first. Love yourself first and always. (Anita J.)

I learned the power of being honest with myself and sitting with my emotions. The more I accepted my truth the less afraid I was to be vulnerable with others and the less people's judgments of me mattered. It gave me the power to validate myself from within and know that I am enough. (Qui J.)

This year taught me that potential is nothing without action. (Anonymous)